Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jekyll & Tebow

I can't be alone here, right?  Has anybody else thought of this?  If not, please send a memo to John Fox... Just play Tim Tebow only in the fourth quarter.  I've never seen a player put their team in such a hole for 3 quarters, then spend the fourth quarter digging them out, building a rocket and shooting them to the moon.  What in the name of Jake Plummer is going on here?

I'm not trying to start a QB controversy here.  Tebow is clearly the man in charge of his team.  All I'm saying is that somebody should let him rest for the first three quarters.  He's as frightening to watch in the first three quarters as he is entertaining in the fourth.  Who should they play instead?  Noodle-Armed Ned?  Butterfingers Bukowski?  Pick-Six Pete?  Who cares.  Tebow will rescue them.  It's quite a show to watch.